Exhausted mainframe platform saved by data filtering
The NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange provides an ever-growing amount of...

Adapting to a new set of interfaces and protocols
When NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange changed their trading system...

Increased data flow stopped E-banking stock trades
Following the lowered long-term ratings of USA by Standard & Poor’s...


New team member
Addition to the development and support team

New CEO of Nikuda
Christian Kullmann has been appointed CEO of Nikuda

Support for Bloomberg Execution Management System (EMSX)
2018-01-26 MultiExCom has been enhanced to allow connections to EMSX

Support for MIFID II compliant trade reporting
2017-01-23 Nasdaq Nordic and Nasdaq Baltic are introducing a new protocol

Increased data flow stopped E-banking stock trades

Identifying the problem
Following the lowered long-term ratings of USA by Standard & Poor’s the financial markets appeared to go into a frenzy of activity.
This lead to a sudden rise in the amount of data flowing from NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange.
A Scandinavian bank’s system was unable to manage the increased data flow. This meant that the bank’s private customers were unable to trade.
What Nikuda did
The bank had already implemented the MultiExCom solution and contacted nikuda for advice. It was agreed to add functionality to MultiExCom in order to reduce the amount of Bid-Ask information passed on to the application.
A first ad-hoc version of MultiExCom Time Aggregation was supplied and added to the production environment within a few days.
A fully documented and configurable solution was supplied within a month.
The MultiExCom Time Aggregation relieved the bank’s application by reducing the number of messages forwarded. This made the output easy to handle.
Time Aggregation ensures that the application receives sufficient information while still supplying messages in real time.
About the product
MultiExCom Time Aggregation is designed to
  • Apply algorithms on a per order book/instrument basis
  • Reduce the number of messages forwarded
  • Forward messages with the least possible delay